How is this secure?

This SSL web proxy uses Secure Sockets Layer for your protection. This adds a layer of security to your browser called ecryption which prevents third parties from spying on your communications. People need protection against hackers, identity thieves, malicious Internet Service providers and rogue governments. If someone attempts to spy on Internet traffic between this server and your computer, they will not be able to see what you are really doing. Instead, they will only see obfuscated or scrambled data. This is all done automatically behind the scenes with no special effort on your part. Best of all, there are no fees or cost for this unless you are interested in the advanced version.

How is this private?

Logs of what you connect to are NOT stored on this server. Your personal information is protected by the privacy policy. Everyone using this public proxy is on the honor system and is expected to abide by the TOS which can be found in the top menu. Everyone has the right to anonymity, which is especially important in current times. Depending on the country in which you live, you might be subject to censorship or domestic spying. The business you work for could be watching your activity. There are so many digital threats to individuals. Trustworthy proxies can reduce those risks.

VectroTunnel! Unblock most sites and download large files using a common browser.


Superior Privacy and Protection from VectroTunnel

With VectroTunnel, you can visit sites and use the Internet without having the limitations of a web-based proxy like this one. Click here for more details.

Features of VectroTunnel
  • Simple Firefox Proxy Plug-in
  • Works with IE, Chrome and Safari
  • WinXP, Win7, Mac and Linux
  • Web, FTP and other protocols

  • 24/7 Support Tickets and E-mail
  • Knowledgebase for Self-help

Click here for more details

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